Services Provided by SteelCAD

SteelCAD provide the following services to our UK and overseas clients;

  • An interactive 3D model to show progress at any stage of the project
  • Lotting and / or phasing as required by the project programme
  • Customised shop fabrication drawings
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Orthographic / Perspective drawings
  • Erection drawings
  • Floor plate and grid decking layouts
  • Siteworks details
  • Bespoke reports and material lists
  • General templates / Wrap around templates
  • CAMdata – NC, DSTV, etc
  • Links to management information software i.e. StruMIS, Fabtrol


As part of every project we offer a 3D rendered model for review by the design team to ensure compatibility with associated trades eg. HVAC, ducting and vendor equipment, etc.

We appreciate each client will have preferred methods and procedures. Our capabilities and knowledge of the latest BIM Software allows us to customise and tailor the output so our clients gain the maximum benefit.

A further service SteelCAD offer is the customisation of Tekla Structures. We can provide assistance in customising system settings to suit your own or your clients requirements. This service is particularly beneficial to clients who are changing to Tekla Structures from other CAD software.